About Me:

My name is Katie May Agenbroad. I am 19 years and a recent transplant from Denver, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a freshman in college pursuing a degree in ER Nursing and I love everything to do with the outdoors.

Now that my awkward “dating site level” bio is out of the way, I didn’t really make this blog to talk about me. My goal with this platform is to connect women (and men) who have been through things that are considered uncomfortable to talk about in society and give them a place to belong and feel understood. It’s a way to give my own experiences a purpose because if my stories and advice help even just one person then it makes things have meaning. A lot of women don’t feel like they have the ability to be completely open and honest about the less “pretty” topics like domestic violence, drug addiction and sexual assault, but as someone who has personally experienced all three I can tell you that openness is such a beautiful thing because it connects you to others who have experienced the same and builds a community of strength instead of individual pain. I hope to help other women and girls find their voice and learn how to use it loudly and proudly in their own individual ways.

As I will usually mention at the end of my blog posts, my DMs on Instagram (@k_agenbroad) are always open or you can contact me through this website and I’d be happy to talk to you about anything that’s going on with you. Don’t be afraid to reach out because that’s what this is all about!